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2018 is in the Book!

We hope you were able to join us for a weekend of "Family Magic of Trains". It was by all accounts a very successful first time.

Here are some pictures from the 2018 Expo

In the beginning was a huge empty building.
Then tables were in place all around waiting for fun train stuff. Boxes and bundles and carts started to arrive. They were brought by people filled with energy and enthusiam and excitement because they were part of the newest and biggest train show ever seen in this part of Wisconsin. This is the "Family Magic of Trains".

It's show time! Come see what was going on at the first International Toy Train Expo.
The show was full of train fun but it was not all for fun. The Wisconsin State Coordinator for Operation Lifesaver and some Authorized Volunteers were on hand to educate people about safety around trains. They are serious as on average every 3 hours a person or vehicle collides with a train somewhere in our nation. We don't want you to become another statistic!

After it was all over there was lots of work to do packing and loading vehicles.
Boxes to pack, displays to disassemble. Lots of energy expended to move out. Many vendors and exhibitors cleaned up Sunday while some were there on Monday to do their work. Before all of the Train Expo folks were out crews were already beginning to set up for the next event.

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