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Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

What's this "International" bit? Railroading is world wide, both the real ones and modeling. Most countries have railroads which generally connect with their neighboring countries. Whether passenger or freight if it run on rails we like it. We want so feature railroad equipment from other countries. Part of our mission is to educate our visitors of the big world of railroading. Of course we don't want to exclude the many US railroads we get to see. If you have international trains, bring them and run them. If you have only US trains, that fine too.
What is the ITTE? This is a new venture, the brain child of Charlie Schaaf. It celebrates prototype and model railroading around the world. Displays, layouts, vendors of railroad related goods and services are all welcome.
Where do I get tickets? Tickets may be purchased at the door on the days of the Expo. They may also be purchased at a reduced price at the Service Counter of Menard's stores even during the Expo.
Where do I find a Menards store? Menards Store Locator. (Opens new tab)
What are the hours? 10:00 to 5:00PM both days. Come early and stay late. Plan on spending at least couple of hours here. Have lunch with us.

Is the Expo wheelchair and stroller accessible? Yes. Everything is on one floor.
How high are the layouts? Some layouts are built at a height convenient for adults to work on and operate while other are lower. And some will even be on the floor. You may wish to bring along a stool for the younger folks to stand on to get a better view of the taller layouts.
Are kids allowed at the Expo? Kids of all ages are welcome.

Where can I park? There is plenty of parking space right outside of the Expo Center.
Are food and drinks available? Yes, there is a concessions area with plenty of seating space.
Will there be trains and accessories available for purchase? Many vendors will be present with a wide variety of items for sale. Check them out. You are likely to find just what you are looking for.
I don't model but like to read about trains and watch train videos. Will these items be available? Yes, in quantity and variety.
Will Thomas be there? Of course, along with his friends, probably in multiple scales.
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