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We are glad you are interested in this new opportunity to see, learn, enjoy, even purchase miniature trains and accessories and other related items in various scales. Some people call them toy trains, some call them model trains. Regardless of the name there is great enjoyment from playing with toy trains and working with model trains. Trains have fascination for many folks that they just do not find elsewhere.

A Sunday afternoon train ride in the park may be just the thing you need to relax for a while. How about a riding a full size train thru the woods, by a river or beside a big lake? Maybe dinner on board is more to your liking. How about a cross country trip by train. You will see scenery that you will never see any other way. You can learn about these opportunities and others at the Expo.

Perhaps you enjoy thinking games like checkers or chess. Many model railroaders have a similar experience when they operate a layout in prototypical manner. Some describe it chess on wheels. A crew working at a freight yard makes up trains that will deliver cars to destinations around the layout. A road crew (engineer and conductor) takes control of a train and drives it to the industries to make the deliveries. They also pick up other loaded or empty cars for delivery elsewhere. Crews heed the dispatchers orders so they work safely along with other trains that are operating on the layout, such as a fast freight heading to a remote destination or a passenger train on a tight schedule. Sometimes an excursion train interrupts the normal flow of train traffic. It makes for an interesting time with friends. This is just one of the many facets of model railroading.

High tech trains abound. Electronic control of trains started a long time ago. Lionel designed a system in 1946. Digital control of trains has been available since the late 1980's. With Digital Command Control multiple trains can run on the same track at the same time. Partial or complete automation of trains and scenery elements is possible. Trains may be controlled from your smart phone, tablet or other local or remote computer. Your imagination can run wild and have fun doing it.

Come to the International Toy Train Expo and see what this is all about!

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